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Papalotes is the only alternative education program in Puerto Escondido and its teachings are inspired by the Waldorf philosophy for education. Our goal is to offer a rich academic program and educate our children to grow into healthy, happy and balanced individuals, conscious of what they want, and how to fulfill it.

The initiative was born in 2012, founded by a collective of parents as an educational alternative for the children of our town. Being a community project, the mothers and fathers of the children are an integral part of the school's constant financial and community development. Currently we offer kindergarten, first, second and third elementary grades

Joy and happiness in living, a love of all existence, a power and energy for work…the need for imagination, a sense of truth, and a feeling of responsibility- these are the three forces which are the very nerve of education
— Rudolf Steiner

The Waldorf education system was founded in 1919 by the Austian philosopher Rudolf Steiner who also laid the groundwork for biodynamic agriculture and organic architecture. The Waldorf system is based on a profound understanding of human development and provides a balanced and highly artistic study program. In addition to the intellect it cultivates physical, emotional and social wisdom, connecting children with nature, sharpening their imagination and strengthening their willpower. This allows them to develop the creativity, initiative and skills needed to participate responsibly in a constantly changing society.


Our Kindergarten offers a safe, warm, loving and caring environment for children between 3 and 6 years old. It provides a smooth transition from home to school by helping children develop their natural abilities. Instead of the hasty and counterproductive introduction of academic subjects, our children spend their days with art and self-discovery in an environment which promotes respect and responsibility. Our educational program focuses on emotional development, socializing, development of fine and gross motor skills and non-cognitive abilities such as concentration, willpower, self-motivation, self-discipline, perseverance and tenacity. Learning goals are well defined and biannual professional assessments are provided based on observations of each child.


At Papalotes, children start elementary school once they turn seven which is consistent with the “seven year change” noted in Steiner’s teachings. We emphasize stimulating the students’ love of learning in order to springboard physical, emotional and intellectual growth.  Our approach emboldens our students to learn in many different ways and from different points of view.

The academic program includes math, history, geography, science and art, but at Papalotes our subject fields are slowly and harmonically introduced. Instead of fragmenting subjects, we teach them intensively for a three week period. This allows the children to deepen their understanding in a holistic way and incorporate the newly gained knowledge through practical and useful projects. 

Art is the way through which much of the learning experience is gained. In order to track student progression, biannual teacher evaluations will be provided; furthermore, self-assessments can be seen in the beautiful workbooks the children create which reflect everything learned during the school year.


Welcome to Papalotes Admission, we want to help you have an easy process without missing any information. A parent will guide you through all the steps.

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Or write to us at info@papalotes.mx or  call +52 55 3722 3736


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
— Nelson Mandela

Papalotes Puerto Escondido is a Non-Profit Organization sustained by the parents’ involvement. Even though registration and tuition fees are determined by the economic possibilities of families in Puerto, these are not enough to cover all of our needs.

For our project to be sustainable we need to do a nonstop fundraising campaign that include the philanthropic support from people who safeguard education in our country. You can sponsor a student for a school year, assist our yearly fundraising events or donate whatever you can.

The cost of a FULL scholarship for a student to attend Papalotes is $2000 USD (including the inscription fee, materials and tuition for 10 months).

If you would like to sponsor a child’s tuition or would like to provide a partial scholarship, please click on the Donate button below


Next week, for the first time, we are hosting a VIP fundraising event. It’s an experiment, as our town is not familiar with these types of high ticket events.

If you would like to sponsor a ticket to this event, you can make a donation of $75 USD. All proceed go to Papalotes.


We can provide a receipt for the amount donated.

For more information on opportunities to help please contact us at info@papalotes.mx

Thank you for supporting Papalotes Puerto Escondido

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